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New Real Estate Numbers

Home sales are down in northwest Ohio, including Williams County and the city of Bryan…coronavirus. In the county, new listings for single-family homes fell only slightly from 46 in April 2019 to 32 in April 2020. At the same time, pending sales dropped from 49 to 33…closed sales from 36 to 27. Total inventory was down over the same time period, from 122 to 101. At the same time though, the average sale price rose from $97,902 to $124,198…that’s about 27 percent. In Bryan, the declines were a bit sharper. The 21 new listings in April 2019 were nearly cut in half in April 2020, to 11. Again, the average price rose from $89,944 to $122,905, a 36 percent increase in a year.

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