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Rare/Stainless Ford On Display

A rare find is on dis­play right now at the Early Ford V-8 Foun­da­tion Museum in Auburn.

A rare stain­less steel Ford, that dates back to the 1930s, and is so shiny it’s con­sid­ered a mir­ror on wheels, is one of six 1936 stain­less steel Fords pro­duced by the Ford Motor Co. Only four of the six cars are known to sur­vive.

The vehi­cles were orig­i­nally raw, unpol­ished stain­less steel.

How­ever, the car cur­rently on dis­play at the museum in Auburn, has been pol­ished to a high mirror-like sheen.

The car was loaned to the museum by it’s owner who lives in South Dakota. No word on exactly what it’s worth.

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